Liesel Memingar

  1. The difference between Liesel and your common thief, is her innocence. When I think of a “book thief,” I think of someone in a time where knowledge is valuable, and he is stealing these books to sell. However she is just a child, in a hard time, seeking some kind of knowledge, any kind of knowledge.
  2. The harsh reality Liesel has been exposed to at such a young age would cripple most people, or send them into denial and in the beginning, it nearly does. She is introverted, scared, and unwilling to open herself up upon meeting her new foster parents. The death of her brother and loss of her mother has made her quiet and sullen. I believe her goals from here would be to simply survive, and to avoid connection at this point, however as time progresses she will learn to lean on people again.
  3. I think her desire to learn is driven by the death of her brother. I think this because she receives her first book, the gravediggers handbook, at her brothers funeral, and it is like a connection between her and him, even though she cannot understand it. However I believe as she develops more relationships, she desires more knowledge since her bonds are formed upon the desire to learn.
  4. Cause he is a pig boy.
  5. I think her and max’s loss are completely different entity’s. Whereas Liesels loss is beyond her control, Max feels personally responsible for the loss of his mother, because only one of them could be saved, and he was forced to leave her behind.
  6. I believe it could be one of two things, with everyone connected to her gone, she tries to keep these connections through books, so that she does not feel truly alone, or she does it as a way of defiance against those who would keep the non Nazi people of Germany down.
  7. Yes, I do believe Liesel has lived a fulfilled life. I believe this because, even through all the barriers, she pushed through, after loss, after pain, she made it to the end, and learned from it.

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